WPO The Archery Site – WPO Rebuild Series

The Archery Site – WPO Rebuild Series

In this series Chris Freeman will take you step-by-step though the process of rebuilding and optimizing an existing website in WPOptimal. The training is broken down into easy to digest, section relevant videos, diving into what to look out for and what to be aware of when making key decisions on your rebuild.

This in-depth training will not only save you time and effort by offering you best-practice advice for streamlining your rebuild(s), it will also help you maximize the performance of the website, on all levels, as you progress.

TIP: As “over-the-shoulder” training usually works best with “hands-on” experience, we recommend you set up a development site and rebuild a copy of one of your own sites as you progress through the training. Once you are finished, you will not only have learned how to build a fully-optimized website – you’ll already have done it! ;o)

Part 01: Basic Analysis of Live Site

Part 02: Configuring WordPress

Part 03: Transferring Posts

Part 04: Transferring Pages

Part 05: Meta Tags / Basic SEO

Part 06: Creating Header and Footer Templates

Part 07: Creating a Default Page Template

Part 08: Creating a Default Post Template

Part 09: Meta Icons (FontAwesome)

Part 10: Meta Icons (Alternative)

Part 11: Hero Section (Parallax)

Part 12: Setting Up Homepage (Blog Layout)

 Download Blog Layout Code

Part 13: Post “Read More” Buttons

Part 14: Customizing H-Tags (CSS)

Part 15: Featured Image & Excerpt Alignment

Part 16: Footer Adjustment & Media Queries

Part 17: About Us & Contact Pages

Part 18: Plugins & Preparation

Part 19: Back-Up Existing Live Site

Part 20: Migrating & Setting Up New Site