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WPO Package #6

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      Chris F


      Thanks to Chris M for another quick start package for WPO 2.0!

      Starting with this package (#6) we will also be adding custom classes, which you can then use to create the precise layout/colouring you would like. If you have never used classes before, don’t panic, they are really quite simple to work with and give you much more flexibility with your work. Chris M walks you through the process in the “How to Use WPO Package #6” video below.

      Here is an example of how Package #6 looks out the box:

      Please watch the videos below for instructions on how to work with layout and style.

      If you have any questions or comments about this package, please leave your post below.

      You can download the package files here:
       Installation Package

      Hope that helps. ;o)

      All the best,
      Chris F

      How to Install WPO Packages

      Video Overview: How to Use WPO Package #6

      BONUS: A few members have been asking about a “Plumber” package. This is what Package #6 actually started out as, then we realised that it may be more useful as a generic build (i.e. not tied totally to plumbers). So, what I did was download Chris M’s Package #6 and used a couple of hours to “transform” it to a basic plumbers site.

      Here’s how it turned out:

      You can download the “Plumber” package files here:
       Installation Package