• Hi Everyone,

    As promised, I have now completed another new quick start package for WPO 2.0.

    Package #3 is designed for blog style sites with running posts available on the homepage and/or different category sections.

    NOTE: If you are looking for something more business/general, you may prefer something like Package #2 or Package #4.

    Here is an example of how Package #3 looks:

    Please watch the video below for instructions on how to install the package and how to work with layout and style.

    If you have any questions or comments about this package, please leave your post below.

    You can download the package files here:
     Installation Package

    Happy WPO Sitebuilding!
    Chris M

    Video Overview: How to Install and Use WPO Package #3

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    [email protected]


    Wow, simply wonderful, thank you so much for your help, greatly appreciated 😀

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      Chris F


      Thanks Diane. Yes, Chris M did a great job with this and true to his word, he also created another new bonus package for ALL members. Check out Package #4. ;o)