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WPO Package #2

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      Hi Everyone,

      As promised, I have now completed a new quick start package for WPO 2.0 (similar to the original WPO Package #1).

      Here is an example of how it looks:

      Please watch the videos below for instructions on how to install the package and how to work with layout and style.

      If you have any questions or comments about this package, please leave your post below.

      IMPORTANT: This package is for WPO 2.0 sites only. For the WPO 1.0 package – Click Here

      You can download the package files here:
       Installation Package

      Happy WPO Sitebuilding!
      Chris M

      Video #1 – Installation

      Video #2 – Templates

      Video #3 – Styling

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      Chris F


      Thanks Chris M, great job! ;o)

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      [email protected]


      Awesome! Thank you so much! This helps a lot 😀