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      Hi Everyone,

      As I mentioned in Jan21 Q&A I would make a package that would help others get started on the website creation journey.

      Here is an example of how this site looks:

      Please watch the videos below for instruction of how to install, layout and style.

      There are so many different ways of creating a website that goes deep and wide, therefore we are all at different places in our understanding. If you have any questions or comments big or small about this package, please leave your post here and I will try and answer the best I can here. This way all members that may have a similar question, comment or even a share their thinking on it. Don’t be shy, our wee family of members are on the similar paths, so lets encourage each other and elevate together.

      IMPORTANT: This package is for WPO 1.0 sites only. For the WPO 2.0 package – Click Here.

      You can download the package files here:
       Installation Package

      Happy WPO Sitebuilding!
      Chris M

      Video #1 – Installation

      Video #2 – Layouts

      Video #3 – Styling

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      Chris F


      Thanks for your outstanding work Chris! I’m sure many members will find this very helpful – especially with this kind of performance.

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      No problem. I am looking forward to hearing how folk get on with it.