Code error in Package 5?

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      [email protected]


      Hi Chris,

      In the custom css code for package 5 there are some errors mentioned. Is this something that’s wrong or shouldn’t I worry about it?
      Here’s an example (line 12 and 13:
      –global–color-primary: #fc0; (Error: Expected RBRACE at line 12, col 3.)
      –global–color-secondary: #2a394c; (Error: Expected RBRACE at line 13, col 1.)

      If the code is ok, can you please explain a little so I don’t worry anymore:)


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      Chris F


      Good question Daniel, but nothing to worry about. Basically, using the :root variables, which is advanced CSS3, the RBRACE is not required. The reason you get the error in the CSS sheet is because the checker does not yet recognize these variables, even though the work perfectly.

      If you would like to understand this more, I recommend taking a look at the following:

      Hope that helps. ;o)