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      [email protected]


      See video about Search Page, Categories Page, Error page:

      Also see:

      I have created a code snippet for search results page showing items in 4 columns.

      It has to be saved as Search page in Set template type.

      It can also be saved as Categories page.

      Download the following code the copy+paste into a single column Custom HTML module.

       Download 4-Column Category Code

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      Chris F


      Wow! Thanks Rainer. It is very kind of you to share this with the community and even create a video to show how it works. Much appreciated! ;o)

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      [email protected]


      Yes thank you Rainer, I went though your instructions and it works. I would like the search to work on all pages, not only the home and search page.. But this works fine, just for future would be good to make it work on all pages (I asked in my first post). Again, thank you to have made the time for this, much appreciated.

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      Thanks, Rainer.
      Looking forward to when I can return the favor…

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      I finally got a chance to check out your video.

      Rainer, that is awesome. Thank you very much for sharing and taking the time to make a video and share the code. 🙂