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      [email protected]


      Being averse to filling in contact forms myself, I’m looking for a solution for my site that enables people to email direct, rather than fill in a contact form, yet which protects the inbox from spam. I’m intending on having a contact form aswell.

      I saw this website, which implied that its email address protected (presumably from spam bots). Is there anyone who can give further info on this and if it is a good solution, how would it be implemented?

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      Chris F


      The email address on is not protected. It shows as soon as you mouse over the page.

      There is no real of doing it (without custom coding), as it can always be traced in the main source code. So, it depends on whether the bots are crawling HTML (frontend) or code (backend).

      A couple of simple ways to make things more difficult is either:
      1. Show mail without @ symbol (i.e. mail[at]
      2. Make an image of your email address (i.e. email.jpg)

      If you want to make things as secure as possible, you can use CCS (and/or JS) to do this:

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      [email protected]


      Thanks for that and all the other help, Chris.