• I don’t know about the rest of you but Chris’s recent webinar covering the sniper technique was like the light at the end of the tunnel for me and has really made me rethink how I approach selling WPO. As a result, I want to offer my profound thanks to Chris and all the other participants for taking the time to do this as I know it will really help me go to the next level.

    When it comes to prospecting and establishing a relationship with potential clients one technique that really intrigued me was Rainer’s use of video to engage with them as I know how powerful the use of video can be. I thought I would share my first stab at how I intend to use video which has gone out to the potential client this week. He called me back yesterday and I have an appointment to meet with him next week, so I am over the first hurdle.

    Have a look at it here:

    I was reasonably happy with it although I felt it was too long at 10.5 minutes. My intention is to have a generic version of this onto which I can bolt the personalised elements that make them think it has been specially done for them. I am aiming to get it down to about 7/8 minutes which is probably about right.

    Providing I get the generic version done I reckon that I can get the time taken to research a new prospect and produce the video down to about 2 hours which I feel is a good investment in time.
    I would really appreciate any feedback that fellow members can give me to improve this so look forward to hearing from you. Chris felt that I needed to expand a little on the section covering cumulative layout shift which I will do in my next version.

    I will, of course, be happy to share future versions and the results of my video prospecting.

    Good luck to you all with your prospecting!

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    Chris F


    Thanks for sharing Charles. I’m sure other members will find this very helpful. ;o)

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      Thanks Chris, I hope they will as I think it’s a great way to prospect even though it does involve speculative work and time. As either you or Rainer pointed out in your webinar it does show the potential client that you have invested time in them and their issue.

      Above all it supports the age old theory that people buy people and video really helps with that. I use a system called Dubb which allows me to easily embed video in my emails (Gmail – I use Google Workspace with my domain). Since then I have found that my client engagement with emails has improved beyond belief especially with cold emails. I even get people phoning me to ask what I used to do it so I do in fact now recommend it to my clients especially if they have an in house sales team.

      Dubb can be found here. It’s not the only system out there for this type of thing but I find it the best.

      Thanks again for all your excellent help Chris.

      Kind regards


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    Hi Charles,

    I just watched the video. Brilliant job.

    I thought it was explained well and it felt more informative than selling when watching, so when the proposal came up it was welcomed.

    If you would be up for sharing it, I would love to see your generic video (even without personal bolt on) once you have made it.

    I believe shorter videos with all the relevant information gets digested better by the viewer. My problem is that I very easily find myself going down rabbit holes and often the technical detail can confuse people. If you have ever heard me on a Q&A you’ll know once I start talking I normally get a nudge or need to stop myself from talking forever, lol. I would love to see how you prioritise the details and streamline the info into the video.

    I hope things go/went well with Adam.

    Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

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      Hi Chris – thanks for your kind words, I’m afraid to admit that I am very set in my ways when it cones to video as I have never known it to fail for a client providing they use the right strategy.

      I am still working on the final version of the generic video and will happily share it when it is done as I am pleased to say it is working well for me. So far I have tackled three potential niches with it and I have 100% response rate Although I have yet to get my first deal I have, in two cases, got past the second hurdle as well. I have a meeting with the board of the scaffolding company (my first target) in a couple of weeks time so that is looking very good especially as they have been qualified on cost.

      You are right about shorter versions which is why I am still tweaking the generic version. I have realised that there is less scope than I had hoped for where you know the right person to content. Where I am targeting a niche generically with 2/3 prospects I am using it for the following.

      • The whole Core Web Vitals content
      • The pitch (if I don’t know their name)
      • Benefits of SEO, SEO summary for niche and parts of PSI test

      I have only just targeted one niche where I do not know the individual contacts and have gone for several different prospects. I have had one call back without any follow up so far so I consider that a result (33% response) . I will be following up on the other two as well early next week.

      As you can see things have move on a little so thanks for your feedback.

      Kind regards


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      Hi Charles,

      It can be quite difficult to get the correct contact name and/or email. I normally do a bit of digging to find the owner or relevant person to contact with in a company and then check it against email addresses attached to the domain.

      I have found chrome extension snov to be handy on occassion to clarfiy the correct email. Check it out it may be of use.

      The good thing (for us) now is that so many sites have had their Core Web Vitals tested, so if you can find a prospect whos website does not pass Core Web Vital it’s very clear to point out visually and they are very likley to have felt a diffrence in business already even if they are unsure what has caused it. I also give prospects a link to PageSpeed Insights so they can test their site for theirselves (in fact, I encourage it), which adds another level of confirmation and if they are still unsure if I can fix this they will hopfully test my site, which is great because this will help build trust and authority before you talk.

      Thank you for sharing Dubbs I will check it out. 🙂

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      Hi Chris

      The first bit where it went wrong was intended to be a list and, of course, it was all meant to be indented.


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      Chris F


      No problem. Now fixed. ;o)