Proximity Marketing

Pull in new customers
from 200 Feet away
using Bluetooth Tech.

Pull in Customers off the street that walk by your Beacon

Best of both worlds. This system will literally pull in customers like a magnet and then keep them for you so they don’t wander off to the competition. This is the perfect system to offer for a franchise business. It eliminates a lot of the worry about getting customers.

Cost = $1 per Loyal Customer per Month

Cost for this service is only $1 per month per loyal customer. Customers may opt-in or opt-out. You only pay for the ones that stay in and are interested in your service. You can send 4 text messages per month to all of them at once to pull them into your store instantly on the same day of your offer. There is no other way to do this.

Bluetooth Demo

Demo Bluetooth Proximity + Loyalty Program- Short Demo

Loyalty Program – Full Demo of following steps

  1. Bluetooth sends nearby notification to phone. No app needed to receive message.
  2. Customer sees offers and taps to join Loyalty Program and gets 10 points by text notification
  3. Cashier awards points when customer buys. Customer gets notified by text.
  4. Customer redeems points, gets item. Cashier minuses points. Customers gets text notification
  5. Cashier can send text blast notification to all customers for specials (1000 texts per second)

Would you like to grow your business at 10 % per month?